What are the reasons for allowing international packaging companies to choose di

Source: RUI JIN

2018-06-19 21:14:43



The birthplace of LED display technology is not in China. Over the years, most Chinese LED manufacturers have been technical followers of international advanced manufacturers. However, in the field of small LED pitches, Chinese manufacturers won the top spot and occupied the initiative for the first time. At the same time, the small-pitch market is the most widely used in China. From this perspective, the international packaging companies represented by Nichia and Career are lagging behind in the speed of product launch. At the same time, the foreign markets, especially the European and American markets, are less accepting of new things than the Chinese market. On the other hand, although the application of small-pitch applications in the domestic market has maintained rapid growth, it is currently mainly used in professional display markets such as control rooms, security monitoring, radio and television studios, and video conferences, and it has rarely entered the commercial display and consumer display markets.

Why are small-pitch LEDs slower in the international market than domestic ones? Why is it difficult for small-pitch LEDs to enter commercial display and consumer display markets? This is a question worth pondering.

  One of the most important factors is the limitation of the reliability and stability of the small pitch lamp bead package. At present, the domestic small pitch lamp beads (1010 or less specifications) package is mainly used CHIP-type packaging technology, that is, through the Modeling way to the chip directly solid wire bonding on the PCB substrate, and then cut into a separate light beads. The implementation process is relatively simple and the cost is low, but its reliability and stability can not be compared with the traditional TOP type packaging technology. TOP-type packaging technology is the chip-solid wire in the protection of the stent, and then through the sealant to protect the chip and wire, its stent protection provides a higher reliability and stability, has been widely used in traditional indoor , Surface packaging products (can be said that more than 1010 surface mount packaging products are using TOP type packaging technology), its reliability and stability have been long-term application of the test. However, the TOP type packaging technology has a higher requirement for the accuracy of the small-pitch packaging process and a greater difficulty. For a long time, TOP-type packaging technology has not made fundamental breakthroughs in small-pitch packages.

    However, technological breakthroughs and progress are endless. The global packaging giant Nichia finally introduced his first small pitch packaging product NESM180A, which uses the TOP type packaging technology. Subsequently, Cree CREE also introduced its own small pitch packaged product C1010, which also uses a TOP type package. Global packaging companies have chosen TOP-type packaging technology for small-pitch packaging based on their higher reliability and stability.

Coincidentally, recently, the domestic packaging ranked first, the world's second largest packaging company in Japan and the world's second-largest packaging company Mulinsen, announced the introduction of the TOP-type LED small pitch packaging products with the same international technology routes.

     Mulinsen set many years of technical experience and financial strength in the packaging field, invested a lot of R & D, and after repeated testing and testing, finally introduced this TOP type LED small pitch products. It not only improves the stability of the small-pitch LED, but at the same time, this top-emitting, side-black TOP LED also achieves higher contrast and more excellent display.

     Below we use a set of measured data to understand the true performance of this TOP LED:

Strict quality testing

Contrast performance

Strict MSL experiment

Firstly absorb 168H in 85°C RH=85% ring helium. After reflow soldering three times, 300 hot and cold shocks must be performed without any failure.

Hot and cold impact test

We divided the thermal shock test into three levels:


Low temperature(℃)

high temperature(℃)

The number of experiments

Judgment condition





300C/0 Failure





300C/0 Failure





300C/0 Failure

The new TOP 1010 can pass a rigorous level 3 experiment

High sealing test

The product was first reflowed 3 times and then soaked in red ink (oily) at room temperature and 85°C ambient, 48 hours at room temperature and 6 hours at 85°C. The immersion of the red ink was observed under a microscope, and the new 1010 did not find the red ink immersed.

     After the above experimental data can be found, Mulinsen TOP LED small pitch has a stable quality, high contrast, high weather resistance, high sealing characteristics. The launch of this product in the market will inevitably bring a big impact on the current pattern of the domestic packaging industry.