LED installation

Source: RUI JIN

2018-04-01 08:32:04



The installation and debugging of led display not only reflects the product quality, but also determines the effect of the display when it is used. There are the following five kinds of common led display installation methods:

Mosaic installation
Suitable for small indoor screens. Due to the small installation space, in order not to occupy space, according to the size of the screen area, the same size area was dug on the wall and the led display screen was embedded in the wall. The wall is required to be a solid wall. Using pre-maintenance means higher costs.

Hanging installation
More applicable to the station led electronic display, airport LED electronic display and other large venues to play a signage role. It is required that the screen area is small (less than 10 square meters). It requires that there must be a suitable installation location, such as a beam or lintel at the top, and the screen body should be added with a back cover under normal circumstances.

Wall mounting
More suitable for indoor installation of LED display, a small area (10 square meters or less), wall requirements are solid wall, hollow brick or simple partition wall are not suitable for this installation.

Roof installation
It is mainly applicable to outdoor advertising led electronic screens. The installation site is mainly the roof of the building. With the increase of building height, the level of wind protection to be considered will also increase.

Column installation
For outdoor advertising led display installation, open vision, surrounded by relatively empty places, such as squares, parking lots and so on. According to the size of the screen area can be divided into single column and double column installation.