Esdlumen:the development of the LED display are more colorful

Source: RUI JIN

2016-10-11 14:47:00



As you know,LED display screen started in China from the 1980s originally with two basic colors: red and green. First of all, only the text information can be displayed. Entering the 90s, LED display became filled with images and videos owing to the application of blue ray LED technology. That enables a mass of entertainment shows, exhibitions, competitions to stage very energetically on a worldwide scale. However, the widespread application also exposed a technical bottleneck of this large LED display. When viewing up close, one could feel his looking at these light-emitting particles, which hugely spoiled in spectator terms.

In order to resolve this issue, The LED display manufacturer began to develop a new type with much more intensive pixel pitch. In technical terms, intensive LED display is often referred to as models less than P2.5mm. Fortunately as the progress in technology furthers, there will be more intensive LED display invented in the days to come.

As a leading LED display manufacturer, EASTAR (Esdlumen) has put forward such intensive LED display with utmost technology. The most intensive one can be as small as P1.6 type. With a mature semi-conductor technology applied, The module resolution and refresh rate has stepped into a complete new phase.