Consumer demand drives, electronic components rise, power supply manufacturers g

Source: RUI JIN

2018-07-11 21:39:12



With the comprehensive expansion of LED applications and the advancement of technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence, the intelligent lighting industry has officially entered a high-speed development track.

In the post-LED lighting era, the application growth of the general lighting market has been weak, the homogenization of products has become extremely serious, and prices have become the dominant factor. In this context, emerging markets have begun to show unprecedented dynamism. In the past few years, intelligent lighting has always been tepid, and its development is not as good as expected. The overall feeling of the industry is "thunder and rain." Why? Previously, due to the unresolved user convenience problem, coupled with the inconsistency of intelligent control standards and protocols, the compatibility of intelligent lighting products is relatively poor, and the user experience is not strong.

However, with the cross-border entry of technology giants and the strong alliance of industry giants, the development of intelligent lighting has begun to accelerate. At the same time, due to the emergence of various intelligent solution systems and solutions, the compatibility of intelligent lighting product control methods is getting better and better, and the user experience is getting stronger and stronger. This has greatly accelerated the release of the market space for the intelligent lighting industry.

According to the data of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), the scale of China's smart lighting market reached 26.4 billion yuan in 2017. GGII expects that the scale of China's smart lighting market will reach 38.7 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 46.6%. The ever-expanding scale of demand is constantly upgrading the requirements for lighting products.


In the future lighting industry, combined with the development of artificial intelligence technology, enterprises will more often put people's behaviors, such as sound, gestures, movements, etc. into the lighting scene. For example, passing music to the system, playing your favorite music through lighting, and so on. Developing a smarter, more efficient, comfortable and healthy smart lighting product will be the future direction.

Intelligent LED drive power plays a key role in smart lighting products. The LED driver itself is a core component of the lighting product, so the intelligence of the power supply largely determines the intelligence of the entire lighting product. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of downstream application vendors, many driver manufacturers have invested a lot of energy in the development and production of intelligent LED power supplies.

In addition, in the case of the crazy price increase of electronic components such as chip resistors and electrolytic capacitors, the gross profit margin of power supply manufacturers is further compressed, and many enterprises are facing a huge survival crisis. In order to maintain the company's continued profitability, it is particularly important to increase the added value of driving products. Therefore, taking the intelligent route has become the choice and outlet for many power supply manufacturers.


Under the background of intelligent lighting industry, Shenzhen Dark Energy Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “dark energy”) took this opportunity to develop a variety of intelligent LED drivers based on AI. At this year's Guangya Exhibition, Dark Energy will also be presented to the industry for the first time in the image of a smart drive power solution provider. Dark Energy will be waiting for you at booth D28 in Hall 13.2.

It is understood that the dark energy intelligent driving power supply can be switched on a single chip with color temperature, and has 100 patent protections. It can realize switching lights without flashback, multiple color matching modes, precise reset control, digital clock synchronization, loop internal compensation and other functions. , precise open circuit protection setting, 18W-200W (single 3W-20W) smooth application, multi-lamp synchronization, strong anti-interference ability, can realize automatic detection of wall switch, internal high pressure and high temperature resistance, and provide 5-10 years The service life is guaranteed.


In the future, as more and more intelligent lighting application products are launched, the demand for intelligent drives will increase. Dark Energy will also seize market opportunities and continue to stand at the forefront of LED lighting drive technology, integrating electrical, magnetic, thermal, and design more high-reliability LED intelligent drive power solutions.