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  • LED display domestic sales

    Job Description:

    1, can work hard, compressive, good language skills.
    2, skilled use of office software;
    3, more than six months of industry experience, to develop their own customers follow up;
    4, strong sense of responsibility, hard work, strong sense of team;
    5, active learning ability, a strong work ambitious.


    1, Bachelor degree, English level 4 or above is preferred.
    2, any professional, under the age of 30 years of age.
    3, cheerful, with good market development ability, strong compression;
    4, LED display industry background, a market experience is preferred;
    5, the applicant must adhere to the principle of localization, that is, the application area should be its main place of life (including household registration and future life), non-public reasons, the company generally do not approve the transfer of work.